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Ehan Technology 's Aim and Author FAQ

What does the Ehan Technology project aim?

Ehan Technology provides paid / free components for web developers. In this way, it aims to play an active role in this field. Nowadays, thousands of developers share the useful libraries, ready-to-use components etc. with other developers. Also, some of there are premium items. Most of the time, those items has more useful features than free items and there has different qualities.

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Even it seems some components and items can be powerful than some premium items. All of them are relevant with what is our needs. Sometimes a developer need a basit web template because of his/her project type and sometimes not.

Briefly, Ehan Technology wants to bring these components together and share this with our colleagues.

More info about licenses; Copyright & Licenses

Can I add new items to EhanTechnology?

Our website is currently closed for directly new items releasing. If do you have an item for releasing or would you like to share something about that with us, please visit the Contact Us page. This feature will be active again in future.

How often will I get paid?

Our website uses electronic payment system (bitcoin, ethereum etc.) to send withdrawals so you haven’t got any minimum withdraw limit. Payments are issued on the 15th (or next business day) of each month. Payouts will be sent to your bitcoin wallet address that listed in your account settings. If there are any exceptions, please let us know.

Can I sell same Item in different marketplace?

Yes, you can sell your item in any marketplace, we offer the same payment rates whether you sell exclusively with us or not.

What is my payment rates?

We give you 90% commission on every sale.