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In this category, you can find the HTML and Bootstrap Templates. You can find for your work in the many categories (corporate, creative, admin templates, personal, blog etc). We aim to provide high satisfaction by sharing our products. Please let us know questions you wonder the about your interested items. You haven’t to be our customer to get help! Because, in the real sense, Ehan Technology Market primarily targets the satisfaction and quality of the users.

The help file will be included in the our ready to use items for your work. You may little researching to find the compatible product for your job. The design of one page template is generally used to introduce simple work. This is not very complex. It contains simple informations. It consists of a single page. These pages usually contain information describing the job or a meeting, address, and contact form. It is used for simple works and promotional purposes.

Corporate templates are often used on corporate websites. Usually, these templates include information about the company, vision and mission and goals. There is contains page that describes the company employee and their informations. Briefly, this templates is used to promote the company or similar websites. You can research our all items here.

Admin Templates are generally used to develop systems. With these interfaces, we can develop the interface of the softwares that we can control the system. These templates are used when there are many data operations. For example; a website dashboard can be made with these templates. Or, remote control of a software can be do with these interfaces.

Briefly, they are all HTML templates, but they can be subcategorized. Its name is more or less clear for what purpose it can be used. In the modern web world, it is a necessity that a theme/template be responsive. Because in today’s competitive environment, to be success with low user experience is almost impossible. Users wants to visit easily the website without any difficulty. If they encounter any problems, they will not want to visit this web page. Therefore, we need to make web pages user-friendly.

HTML was established in the 1990s as a system to facilitate the sharing of data with each other in the CERN project. This was established by Tim Berners Lee. But in time, this system was used for the whole world. Although there have been some changes since the first day, there is no serious change. The same technology is now used to share information with users.